About Us

We are here for the people who enjoy finer things in life, who are environmentally cautious in their purchasing and are interested in a clean, vegan perfume line.

About Our Fragrances

We aspire to be a vegan and classy local Malaysian brand.

Our fragrances are designed akin to your mood swings and perfectly balance your emotions and desires.

We care for the details, more than you would think of.
Fragrance is a game of minor details, which in turn turns out to blossom, we are a brand that is obsessed with finer details.

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Ikigai Scenting


Founded by two individuals who's love to create scents to evoke emotions with every spray.

Launch of


SmellZERO was created to solved the daily problems of bad odours.



A clean, vegan perfume line.
Created to evoke memories and to create new experiences.

Launch of


This collection was created to make you sit at your home a little longer. Spraying just before the guests, can help you create a harmonious environment.

Where are we headed to?

Certified VEGAN

We aspire to be Malaysia's first certified vegan perfume brand. We are waiting to hear back from the Vegan Society to get our products vegan approved very soon.

Our Philosophy

The fragrance is a game of sentiments to us.
We deal with it very intricately. We consider the choice of fragrance as a judgment of one’s personality, the keener the finer.
The scents we have launched on this platform are very much related to your body language.
The language of fragrance is complex,
it’s picked by those who adore it beyond the limit.

We believe scent to be a medium of art, an expression, and a reason for you to show your personal style and creative flair. Just as we are keen about our product detailing, we also are honest enough to keep our promises, by ensuring to give you service that is the
best from the rest.

Live scent-sationally. We mean it.

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