While perfumes, mists and fragrance sprays are used to mask an odor by propelling a stronger scent in the air, making any offensive smell to be less dominant. It makes for a temporary solution as the odor particles are not removed. 

Our Enzymers is the complete opposite. It's sole function is the remove odor particles and bacteria that causes odor. 

Our French-manufactured Enzymers are created to effectively remove all sorts of smells. Enzymes are able to efficiently eliminate odor particles in the air or on surfaces  due to their natural reaction when in contact with odor-causing bacteria.

Can be sprayed onto hands but it should never be sprayed in eyes or consumed. 



When the enzymes is propelled in the air, the enzymes will begin its digestion of bad odor. Enzymes break down odor-causing bacteria by consuming the bacteria, therefore reduce malodors (foul smells).

The scent that is infused in the spray will only be present for a short period. Once the enzymes have completed its function, rooms/spaces/surfaces will be left smelling crisp, fresh and odor-free. This makes of a great choice for those with chemical sensitivities.



Our Enzymers are effective in getting rid of any unwanted odor, examples are:-

- cigarette smoke (spray in room, clothes, on fingers)

- pungent smells on fingers (garlic, onion, durian)

- homes (living rooms, store rooms, pet areas)

- vehicle interiors

- casinos

- gyms & gym equipments (shoes, boxing gloves, yoga mats, dumbbells, gym bags)

- pet faeces

- fabrics (curtains, carpets, linen, sofas)

- used washrooms

- bioburden on surfaces.