Affluent | 10ML



Mood: exotic / smoky / violet night


Affluent will take you on the road of serenity..
Created by a woody base of vetiver and a musk-inspired fragrance for an exotic, smoky, and aromatic ambience.

Affluent is known for a unique strong scent, which reminds you of certain memories and makes your day just great. The combination of top notes of mandarin, orange, and ginger with heart notes of violet and wood speaks of its elegance. Especially recommended for formal getups, gender-neutral and is recommended for our business class women and men. 

By wearing this fragrance, you take along an astonishing, balmy, balsamic feel, brightening your day with its coolness. These supreme ingredients smell divine and the combination is elite. Affluent stands out as it’s long-lasting, while you enter a place with this fragrance, people notice the aroma you bring into their surroundings. Affluent is popular among the artisanal fragrance series because it is the boldest of all. It is inspired by an exotic warrior braving through thick African forests. 


Formulated in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur


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