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for the Dreamers

Mood: waltz in a tea garden


The breeze of winter with a cup of warm coffee, and comfort zone is what we will for the most. This one from our collection is especially for the people looking for peace, and who don't get attracted to strong scents. For The Dreamers is grounded by a dry amber, leathery, and moss, this smell combines top notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli, and coriander with heart notes of white tea, roses, and spices.

A dream like fragrance hovers all over you in a single spritz, forcing you to relax and surround a cozy bed. A whiff combines intricate layers of an innovative yet very refined blend. The celestial and dewy fragrance of this product invokes your inner calm and relentless thoughts. For The Dreamers is suitable for both men and women, recommended, and suited for people who crave serenity. This will set a perfect combination of your bedtime and even self-care, boosting your energy with its cool ambience. The scent is crucially made sure to not be over powered, one that is subtle and impose a noticeable effect on you. This one is the kind which revolves around the air, refreshing each soul. Spritz three to four times, and be a Dreamer.


We are the drifters & dancers, sun worshipers and risk takers. The dreamers, the lovers, believers & change makers.


Formulated in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur


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