Ginger & Ginseng | 100ML

MYR88.11 MYR99.00

Ginger & Ginseng 


Ginger & Ginseng is the unique most of all, as it is formulated with Ginseng Essential Oil, Ginger Plant Extract, Neroli infused with real ginseng root & jasmine flower buds. The fragrant embodiment of natural phenomena embedded in the memory of lofty mountainous homes. 

This room mist ignites a rejuvenating, earthy & spicy blend. This pair of roots are known to rejuvenate, restore, and bring balance to your home. This one is also home-oriented, suited best for people who recently bought a new house and crave to create a comfortable, advanced, and plushy environment. This is a sort of ancient smell, providing a very soothing, peaceful, and quiet aura.

Ginseng essential oil has diverse uses for example they have therapeutic uses in aromatherapy. This is recommended when you want to relax right after having a tiresome day, these mixtures of smells help with migraines too. The women and men are attracted to pleasant scents, and these ones do not bore or irritate as the air is filled with a light scented woody fragrance that blends with the furniture smells adequately well. 

The bottle shows roots lingering towards the surface making it look just like an elegant souvenir. 

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