Grapefruit Lavender | 100ML

MYR88.11 MYR99.00

Grapefruit Lavender

A spritz of supreme bliss. If you're looking for a subtle combination of slightly fruity and woody fragrance, this one's for you. Grapefruit Lavender blends your happy memories and urges a wave of nostalgia in you. The smell delivers a bright start to your day, notes of lavender and moss are known to provide aromatic clarity, appealing to all types of personality sitting around the fragrance of this room mist. 

Zesty and citrus mixtures of fragrances are best for summer times and set a perfect theme for your daylight parties. This blend creates an uplifting, effervescent character that will surely add vibrance to your day. Sniffing once feels like having some citrusy lemons and oranges in a fresh environment, where it is you connecting to nature genuinely. Its main ingredient includes fresh petals of red roses, they are light and clean, yet are packed with notes of wild roses collaborated with floral raspberry, grapes, and plum. Grapefruit Lavender serves the purpose of sitting in your homes a little more, just by giving off homely, lovely sensations. An ideal sparkling, bright & woody blend.

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