Ladylike | 10ML



Mood: a flower palette 


Ladylike is exactly what you would term as ladies' taste -- standing out as it gives off a sweet, enlightening feel. By sniffing this fragrance, expect a journey to paradise. Ladylike is grounded by balsamic and combines top notes of citrus and green tea with heart notes of sweet, floral, and tea. It is the ultimate accessory every modern woman craves in her purse. The mood portrays a flower palette, making you feel like drifting through the winds in a delightful garden putting your mind and soul at ease. 

The best part of Ladylike, is the careful selection of citrus ingredients. Citrus fragrances are usually characterised by fresh notes desirable for all seasons but recommended for sunnier climates. Rest assured, Ladylike is strictly made sure to not let you get bored of it too early -- with its irresistible aromas, exploding a feminine, soft floral scent with a unique green tea opening.




Formulated in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur


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