Ocean Zen | 100ML

MYR78.32 MYR88.00

Ocean Zen


When it comes to marine fragrances, you know it’s going to seek everyone's attention towards you. Ocean Zen is a delightful and cool-themed room mist meant for your offices, formal places, or even in your homes. Beaches smell like wood and sea salt, and so this scent has many ingredients that will evoke the need for beach vacations. This is like the soothing tidal sounds heard just before the sun sets and the ocean collides with the darkening sky, leaving you feeling embraced, calm, and ready to hit the reset button of life.

Ocean Zen is perfectly suited for formal occasions, like interviews, meetings where a pleasant environment is demanded as it helps bring out your professional and reliable side. It is very like a breeze of the ocean, calming and connecting you to nature. Ocean Zen is a highly calming and revitalizing room mist and has successfully hit our sales lately.

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