SmellZERO | Eucalyptus & Mint


This effectively helps to vanish any kind of unpleasant odour, is alcohol-free, and most importantly causes no stain on clothes. The scent it has on its own is a very natural one, fully safe for human and animal both. We made sure that even people with sensitive skin can experiment with this without having to face any allergies, it has no restrictions as to not use around food, etc. it has an environment friendly spray bottle, which is innovative and is manufactured in France. One can use this product to remove stains of pets, and even on sports gear. Bacteria are reported as the most odour creating creatures. Odour-causing bacteria are eliminated by enzymes. Eucalyptus helps eradicate all kinds of toxicity; therefore, we ensure that our products would satisfy all your demands. With its unique enzyme formula that's free of harsh or harmful chemicals.

All you need to do to work with this in your life are these 2 simple steps: 

1. Aim nozzle at your desired area; and

2. Disperse generously to enable enzymes to remove odour molecules.


SmellZERO | Eucalyptus & Mint is infused with essential oils of eucalyptus and mint. Each bottle is 50ML Frosted Glass Spray Bottle, with rich ingredients like Deceth-8, Propylene Glycol, Dihydrocoumarin, Carvone,
D-Limonene, Distilled water, Essential oils of Eucalyptus & Mint.

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