SmellZERO | Sandalwood



These are smell removal spray solutions made up of enzymes, which mainly function to eliminate the stubborn odor. Common usages may include spraying in hotels to turn smoking rooms into normal rooms and in gyms to avoid stinking gyms of sweat smells. 

The specialty of this product is the addition of sandalwood. Sandalwood is widely used in many perfumes and air fresheners and has a classic touch to its scent. This scent helps to create a very pleasant atmosphere as its scent was once made a popular choice for aromatherapy. Aromatic oils are used to improve mental health and have a high association with your physiology. Most importantly, sandalwood is an anti-inflammatory ingredient, fights against all kinds of bacteria, and is rich in multifarious benefits. 



All you need to do to work with this in your life are these 2 simple steps: 

1. Aim nozzle at your desired area; and

2. Disperse generously to enable enzymes to remove odour molecules.


SmellZERO | Sandalwood is infused with essential oils of eucalyptus and mint. Each bottle is 50ML Frosted Glass Spray Bottle, with rich ingredients like Deceth-8, Propylene Glycol, Dihydrocoumarin, Carvone,
D-Limonene, Distilled water, Fragrance oil of Sandalwood.


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